The Future is Looking Bright... / by Terry Coulter

A little over a year ago, Terry Jolo Brand partnered with a business called Nineteenth Amendment. They are a newer startup company that partners with small and independent designers who have the talent and the fashion forward designs, but aren't ready to manufacture or market yet. They will take your looks and market them and when they sell to buyers, they manufacture them. This is good for a small business like Terry Jolo Brand because as well as filling our store with garments made in house, we are also extremely busy with custom design and alteration orders. This company takes a little bit of the stress off of us and it has done wonders for our social media presence.

We have had about 10 garments that we had been selling through Nineteenth Amendment and then something marvelous happened. Nineteenth Amendment has recently partnered with Macy's online division and is selling all of the looks on:

We have always enjoyed being partners with Nineteenth Amendment and we are even more excited to be selling through Macy's now. We have only had the store front for a little under a year now so we have no idea how else we will grow as a small business. I guess we will just keep doing what we love!