A Fun, Cultural Flare / by Terry Coulter

As many of you know, Terry Jolo is a Liberian-American and her culture often carries over into what we carry in the store! We love blending chic styles with beautiful African fabrics and we aren’t afraid to show it!

One of our top sellers right now is beautiful jewelry that was hand crafted in Kenya. When you look at these pieces they tell a story. They represent what Terry Jolo Brand is all about, which is supporting artisans no matter where they hail from. The bright colors of these pieces are sure to make a statement wherever you may go and they are also very versatile.

Another product we sell that has African flare is our cute new pleated purse. Terry is always acquiring African printed fabric so we decided to make these adorable little totes. They are unique and they give a pop of color to any outfit! They are also customizable so if you like the a certain combination of color or size, we can work that out for you!

Another great thing that we can do is custom design of course! We love custom design at the shop and we really take pride in it. If you are interested in our African prints, you can come into the store and choose from our wide selection of prints. After you choose your print, we can make ANYTHING you want.

Stop on by the shop! We encourage you to look, touch, and try things on. Check out our many products that have fun, African flare to them! Keep up with our blog posts too! There is so much more in store for Terry Jolo Brand!