We Hear Wedding Bells... / by Terry Coulter

            Many you’re young, it is common to dream of what you want your wedding to be. I know that I have changed my mind so many times over the years about what color the napkins will be and who to invite or not. But one thing has always stayed fairly consistent, the gown.

            I want a full tulle skirt, an illusion neckline and lots of fabric-covered buttons down the back. I have also always been a very visual person so I know exactly what I want it to look like. It’s a fun thing to think about, but how does one go about getting the dress that you have so vividly seen in all of your wedding dreams? Before you start Googling “Tulle skirt, illusion neckline and lots of fabric-covered buttons,” only to find dresses that are close, but not quite what you were thinking, try a different method.

            Terry Jolo Brand is now accepting custom design orders for those dream wedding gowns and also wedding attire for the rest of the men and women in your bridal party. You can simply bring in a rough sketch or inspiration, or just describe what you would like and we will work with you hands-on to make the attire hat suits you and your wedding party.

            We know that weddings can be one of the most stressful events of your life, so why should you have to go through a middleman? If you would like, we can source other things for you like shoes, accessories or even create custom accessories for you. We have many resources in the fashion industry that can be difficult for consumers to access. 

We love everything about weddings at Terry Jolo Brand. They are exciting and you should feel confident in what you and your wedding party are wearing. Help us create what you are dreaming of for your big day.

Visit the contact tab of Terryjolobrand.com or call us to set up a consultation at 412-481-4444