It's Finally Happened... / by Terry Coulter

At Terry Jolo Brand we are always creating new patterns but we have recently decided to start creating patterns and samples for menswear. Men come into the store all the time and they love that we make everything in house and a lot of guys talk about how it is really difficult to find dress shirts, pants and jackets that fit them right.

When a guy goes to an average store, it is hard to find colors and fabrics that really make you stand out. Don’t get me wrong, the basics are great, but there are fewer choices for men to look unique then there are for women. We would like to give men the opportunity to have a piece of clothing that nobody else has.

            Every man is different so we do not stock menswear in abundance. At the store we do men’s orders in custom sizes so you can have the freedom to choose colors, prints and buttons and then you can walk a way with a garment that will last a long time and fit right.

            As well as shirts and pants, we also have an array of unique ties and pocket squares to choose from so you can add a pop to your everyday look. Just stop by the store and we can set up a consultation right on the spot. If you have an idea in mind for something and we don’t have it on display, we can talk about making it happen!