We Will Always Be Changing... For The Better, Of Course! / by Terry Coulter


Hello followers! If you are a frequent shopper with us, then you definitely know that we are getting new and interesting items all the time! Well, one of the brands we just started carrying in the Boutique is Rigazze. Rigazze is a clothing design company for women, which specializes in contoured garments for women who have a fuller bust. The great thing about Rigazze is that they cater to a market that is under served. Their company started with a wardrobe malfunction, which is pretty common with women who are “blessed with the chest.” At Terry Jolo Brand, we are proud to carry Rigazze’s line and we eventually plan to tap into more markets that are underserved. 

Women should feel on top of the world when they are wearing anything from their casual wear, to the biggest events of the year. Our team at TJB is always willing to hear our customer’s ideas. If there is ever anything in our store that you would like to see, please contact us or stop in the store. Trust me, we love to talk about the Brand and what we can do to give our customer that wonderful feeling that comes with a great outfit! Stop by to check out the new looks!